Crayfish tails


Species: Procambarus clarkii

Marinated in dill.

Our crayfish tails come from wild-caught Chinese crayfish, which live in both rivers and lakes in primarily the central part of the country. The crayfish are caught in cages that local fishermen set out and empty daily. The living crayfish are then shipped to the factory for further processing. At the factory, the crayfish are boiled and peeled and then immediately frozen, so that the fresh quality and great taste is preserved.

We recommend our dill-marinated crayfish tails in an avocado salad, in a seafood salad or simply as part of a buffet, where the beautiful red color surely will be noticed.

We offer crayfish tails in the following assortments:

As brine product in plastic tubs:
1550 grams gross weight /900 gram drained weight
800 grams gross weight /450 gram drained weight
280 grams gross weight /150 gram drained weight

As MAP (modified atmosphere packaging) in transparent trays:
80-800 grams net weight


Wildly caught in China