Species: Pandalus borealis

Our MSC certified cold water shrimp are caught in the North Atlantic by day boats that remain at sea for short periods to ensure the quality of the shrimp. The shrimp are cooked and peeled at selected factories in Canada, then frozen and shipped to Denmark for further processing by us.

We recommend cold water shrimp for a classic shrimp cocktail or a home made shrimp salad, in paella or simply as an open-faced shrimp sandwich.

We offer Coldwater shrimp in the following assortments:

As brine product in plastic tubs:
1500 grams gross weight /900 grams drained weight
800 grams gross weight/400 grams drained weight
390 grams gross weight /170 grams drained weight

As MAP (modified atmosphere packaging) in transparent trays:
80-800 grams net weight




Fishing area

Caught in the North Atlantic (FAO no. 21).


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