Our Surimi is produced in the EU from wild caught MSC certified Alaska Pollock (Theragra chalcogramma), which live mainly in the cold waters around Alaska.

Surimi is originally a hundred-year-old Asian method of preserving fish. This process has since been refined and today it is mostly used to produce a healthy and sustainable alternative to crab meat.

We recommend our surimi in a seafood salad, as an alternative to crab in a traditional crab salad and of course for sushi where surimi is a popular ingredient in the classic California roll. Our surimi will also be popular with most children due to the mild and sweet taste.

We offer surimi in the following assortments:

As a brine product in plastic tubs:
1500 grams gross weight /900 gram drained weight
800 grams gross weight /400 gram drained weight
400 grams gross weight /200 gram drained weight

As MAP (modified atmosphere packaging) in transparent trays:
80-800 grams net weight

 surimi emballage

Surimi Crown Seafood

Fishing area

Alaska Pollock is caught in the Northeastern Pacific (FAO no. 67).


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