Species: Penaeus monodon

Our farmed Madagascar prawns live under very natural conditions. The ponds cover an area of more than 1,600 hectares and only has 5-10 prawns per square meter. Due to the low density in the ponds, the Madagascar prawn is a really unique niche product with a very small annual volume.

The prawns are farmed sustainably to protect the environment and the sensitive ecosystem. In addition, our Madagascar prawns live mainly of the natural feed in the water which is only supplemented when necessary. The feed supplements are made ​solely ​of fish and natural plant extracts without the use of any antibiotics.
In cooperation with a major environmental organization, our supplier makes a huge effort to improve the ecosystem of Madagascar. Among other things, they plant both new mangrove and forrests on the island.
If you want an extraordinary flavor, then try our luxury Madagascar prawn. We recommend Madagascar prawns for tapas, snacks, appetizers or even a main course due to its meaty texture.

We offer Madagascar prawns in the following assortments:

As MAP (modified atmosphere packaging) in transparent trays:
80-800 grams net weight


Fishing area

Farmed on Madagascar in the Western Indian Ocean. (FAO no. 51).