Species: Peneaus vannamei

Our farmed warm water prawns come from select manufacturers in Southeast Asia that live up to our standards for quality and sustainable production. The prawns are farmed under controlled conditions and without the use of any antibiotics. They are cooked and handpeeled at the nearby factories.

Because of their size, texture and color, Vannamei prawns are an exciting alternative to the more traditional cold water shrimp.

We recommend this warm water prawn in various warm, savoury dishes, such as on pizza, in pasta or even in your Mexican tortilla. It’s a fine alternative in Asian dishes too, on the barbecue or marinated in garlic and stirfried.

We offer warm water prawns in the following assortments:

As brine product in plastic tubs:
1500 grams gross weight /900 gram drained weight
800 grams gross weight /400 gram drained weight
390 grams gross weight /170 gram drained weight

As MAP (modified atmosphere packaging) in transparent trays:
80-800 grams net weight


varmtvandsrejer crown seafood

Fishing area

Farmed in Southeast Asia.

South East Asia

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An extraordinary culinary experience.

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